The farmers market opens the first Saturday in June. 

We are in the garden Mondays at 6pm. 

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The Wildhorse Gardens & Market (formerly Mustang Kiwanis Community Garden & Farmers Market) began in 2009 and is run entirely by volunteers.  Vendor and volunteer opportunities are available.

Our mission is to feed those in need, to teach our youth and adults how to grow their own food, to provide a market of garden-fresh produce to Mustang, and to foster a greater spirit of community.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization based on both charitable and educational purposes; as a charity we provide food to those in need.  As an educational entity, we seek to demonstrate agricultural and horticulture techniques to all ages, from teaching children where vegetables come from and how they grow, to providing a place for adults to learn gardening skills.

WGM was featured on Oklahoma Gardening, 7-28-18.  See the episode here: