Volunteer information meeting for new & current volunteers.  Learn about volunteer opportunities in the community garden & farmers market. March 21st 6:30pm at Mustang Town Center meeting room at 1201 N. Mustang Rd.

We will be planting potatoes very soon (weather permitting). Keep an eye on your email/social media, and please join us in the garden!


We have many volunteer opportunities, including: garden planning, planting, regular garden maintenance, harvesting, community garden tours, and Farmers Market sales.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted via email notices or social media.

Please email WildHorseMarket@gmail.com to sign up to be a volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities are emailed and posted on social media and are generally as follows:

Spring & Summer months:  planning, planting, regular garden maintenance, harvesting.

When Farmers Market is open (summer months):  during the farmers market & Monday evenings at 6:30pm.

You can volunteer every time we need help, a few hours a week, or whenever you can.  

We appreciate all of our great volunteers.

Wildhorse Gardens & Market Volunteer Rules